What To Do With Reject Watercolors

Never toss your interior watercolors into the trash can!

In this tutorial I will share tips for turning reject art into winners. It’s a great way to recycle your rejects and try something new in the process.

Here’s an overview of the process.

I will begin with introducing you to my bad watercolor art. Then I will share some materials and a plan on how I’ll fix it.

The fun begins! I use somme collage paper and a grocery bag to layout some potential collaging ideas.

Once I’m satisfied with the collage additions I glue them to the art. At that point I can add some acrylic touches and draw into the scene using a water-soluble pencil.

My favorite watercolor materials

If you are interested in purchasing the supplies I recommend and use in this video use the link below.

Click here to view supply list

abstract watercolor landscape
Abstract Watercolor Landscape

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