Watercolor Painting Video

Watercolor Painting Video - Compose Slow - Paint Fast

This watercolor painting video is all about taking time for planning your painting and then executing with confidence.

The subject is a street scene but you could apply this approach to any subject.

I will share many thoughts and ideas on better designs and compositions in the beginning of the video; take notes 🙂

Also know that this video is a complete step-by-step lesson so you will see the painting come together from beginning to end.

About The Design

As you will see in my design many changes were made to complete my vision. The decisions were mainly based on tried and true design ideas. But I also envisioned how to apply certain techniques that are characteristic with watercolor painting.

Watercolor has it’s own unique qualities so it’s important to consider them when approaching a new painting.

Materials & Supplies

Click here to see a complete list of quality watercolor supplies I use and highly recommend.

watercolor painting video
watercolor painting video - demo image

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