Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Watercolor Painting Tutorial; Design In Focus

In this watercolor painting tutorial you will learn the importance of rock-solid designs & compositions. This is an in-depth video that covers many aspects of quality watercolor techniques, so take notes!

Throughout the lesson you soon begin to understand why most art and artists fail! It’s because they don’t plan their artwork, but instead copy what they see in nature, or in their photo references. This is a major no-no.

A much better approach is to slow down, take some time to access the subject. Plan the lights and darks as well as the mid-tones. Consider how your major shapes fit within the frame. What about a focal point? Where will that be?

Again, successful painting is more about the approach and less about putting paint on the paper. So, what you do before grabbing your brushes will impact the final piece much more than any splash of color, or brushstroke.

Materials & Supplies

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Watercolor painting tutorial
Watercolor painting tutorial

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