Watercolor Painting Tips; Discover The Why!

Watercolor Painting Tips; Discover the Why Behind The Art

Video One Breakdown

Pull up a chair and enjoy some amazing watercolor painting tips that will blow your mind. The focus is on how to plan your painting, or more importantly, discovering the why behind your art.

To illustrate the ideas I will work with two photos and break them down to share my thoughts on what I do before paint hits the paper.

Many beginners and aspiring watercolorists focus too much on unnecessary details as they get into the middle stages of the painting. This common issue will often overshadow the focal point(s) and cause the painting to become very busy.

Video Two Breakdown

I will create a watercolor landscape using the ideas shared in part 1. Once I have the ‘why’ figured out and can then focus on the ultimate goal which creating a finished painting.

This process of discovering your why really a method of simplifying your subjects into easy compositions. This idea helps to find more abstract shapes and plan the techniques so that you can have more freedom once the painting process begins.

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