Watercolor Landscape Techniques

Amazing Watercolor Landscape Painting Techniques; Light & Shadow In Focus

In this watercolor landscape techniques video I will share tips for capturing light and shadow. This will help you paint more dynamic artwork and simplify a very difficult issue we all face when painting.

To help you understand the techniques I will share a quick drawing demo and then translate that idea with several watercolor sketches.

Pro Tip: Drawing is the fastest way to improve your watercolor painting!

In the drawing demo you will learn how to create better light & shadow impact by adding the most contrast in the point of interest. While downplaying the other areas of the design so that the focal point stands out and the painting doesn’t become too hectic.

Design and composition are a key cog in the success of your watercolor art. If you neglect this then your paintings will typically end up too busy, or fall flat.

Note About Materials

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Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the demo.

watercolor landscape techniques
watercolor landscape techniques

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