Watercolor Landscape Painting Tutorial

Landscape Painting Tutorial;

In this watercolor landscape painting tutorial you will learn many tips for developing smart designs. These ideas will shed some light on how to paint fast & loose by planning specific application techniques.

Note: This was a Live YouTube event so you will sometimes hear interaction with the audience.

As beginner watercolorists navigate their way through the early stages they all get to a point when it’s time to leave the nest. You know, branch out and start doing their own artwork that’s inspired from their photos and desired subjects.

It’s usually a lonely feeling being out there on your own. After all, copying others and doing color swatches is pretty safe. But those that persevere will be rewarded by becoming a leader versus a follower. Not that following is bad, it’s just not as full-filling as doing it on your own!

This tutorial isn’t going to give you all the answers you need. But it’s lessons like these that spark inspiration and the desire to be great. I hope it impacts you in a profound way.

Materials & Supplies

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watercolor painting tutorial
watercolor painting tutorial
watercolor demo
watercolor demo

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