Simple Watercolor Landscape

Simple Watercolor Landscape With Video Demo

In this video you will learn tips for painting a simple watercolor landscape. This is a great introduction for beginner watercolorists, or those that are self-taught and hacking away at it, that want to build quality fundamentals.

The video will cover the design behind the art, and many of the techniques used like wet-in-wet, wet-in-dry, dry brush and so on.

Below you will also discover an image of the finished art. So. once you are finished with watching the video you can give it a go for yourself.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Lay-in your design using a #2 pencil and avoid drawing lines that are too dark.
  • Add a gradated wash to the sky which is slightly darker towards the top. No need to pre-wet the paper if you are working small as I am.
  • Add a gradated wash to the foreground with a slightly darker wash towards the bottom.
  • Add a few dots of thicker paint into the wet foreground area that are slightly darker and more pigment.
  • Allow to dry!
  • Add the mountains and gray path
  • Allow to dry
  • Add darker values to the mountain
  • Paint the distant trees on the left using thicker paint

Materials used in this video;

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Easy Watercolor Landscape
Easy Watercolor Landscape

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