Painting Landscape With Watercolor

Painting Landscape With Watercolor Video

In this video tutorial I will be painting a landscape with watercolor. I will share tips for painting fast and loose along with the importance of discovering the ‘why’ behind your art.

Discovering the ‘why’ is basically simplifying subjects into and easy compositions. This idea helps to find more abstract shapes and plan my techniques so that I can have more freedom once the painting starts hitting the paper.

If you didn’t see Part 1; discovering the why, you can check it out here.

IMPORTANT! About Painting Landscapes

It’s common for beginners to find mentors online. And why not? The Internet is saturated with thousands of great artists all willing to share their knowledge. So, soak it up.

But at some point you will need to break away. Learning from others is a great way to build up confidence but it’s a crutch.

There are many steps one needs to take to become independent. Like solid drawing skills, developing color harmony, design & composition and so on.

Discovering a ‘why’ is a step to consider as well. After all we all use photo images, or perhaps venture outdoors to find our subjects.

At this point we are overwhelmed with clutter and unnecessary details. Finding a ‘why’ will eliminate 80% of the nonsense so you can better envision a workable design & composition.

Materials & Supplies

Click here to see a complete list of quality watercolor supplies I use and highly recommend.

Painting landscape with watercolor
Painting landscape with watercolor

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