How to Paint Watercolor Landscape

Discover tips for how to paint watercolor landscape

In this video you will discover tips for how to paint watercolor landscape using a tried and true technique; a blueprint.

You will soon discover that most good art is painted before the brush hits the paper. It’s the vision and thought that goes into the design and composition that gives the artist confidence and guidance to really go for it.

Most watercolor art tends to be timid which ends with a rigid appearance.

Getting past that block requires time and effort. But just painting blindly, or without developing the right approach, simply won’t work.

Suggestions for Developing A Blueprint

  • Decide on a focal point
  • Place strong contrast and ‘pops’ of color near the focal point
  • Learn the art of underpainting background and supporting shapes
  • Discover the power of the pencil

Materials & supplies

Robert, the instructor in the video and founder of this site, prefers artist grade paint and cost effective brushes. You can use the link below to see his favorite brands;

Click here to view supplies list

Final thoughts

Unless you are born with a gift to see through the clutter in complex subjects then you will have to spend time honing these skills.

There’s no better way on the planet than paper and pencil. Just think how fast it would be to just start sketching as opposed to setting up the desk to paint.

The reward for those that develop good design and composition skills is having the vision and knowledge to take any subject and turn it into a workable painting in minutes.

Imagine the time and frustration this would save!

Start drawing folks…it’s really the gateway to becoming a better watercolor artist.

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how to paint watercolor landscape
how to paint watercolor landscape

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