How To Paint Boats In Watercolor

A fantastic tutorial for painting waterscapes.

Tips for how to paint boats in watercolor. If you enjoy water scenery with boats and such you will definitely enjoy the tutorial.

This was a Live event I did via YouTube a few months back. I thought you would enjoy the in-depth information for how to approach specific types of scenery.

You could apply these ideas to any subject such as street scenes, rural landscapes and such.

Here’s a breakdown of the lesson;

  • If you want to paint a subject it’s best to learn how to draw them.
  • Themes usually have specific details that are synonymous and pop up all the time.
  • If you learn how to draw those common details you will unlock a world of freedom for your watercolors.
  • If you neglect those details then your art will become stagnant, or worse, look amateurish.
  • Pencil and paper can teach you ALOT about painting.
  • Once you understand the characteristics of subjects you can start to explore many possibilities.

Materials & Supplies

If you are interested in purchasing the supplies I recommend and use in this video use the link below.

Click here to view supply list

how to paint boats in watercolors

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