How To Create Simple Color Wheel With Watercolor

Are you ready to start your color journey?

In this tutorial you will learn to create a simple color wheel starting with three primary hues. There are many color wheel theories out there but this is one area I prefer to keep simple. Because color can be a huge problem I recommend focusing on warm & cool tones and value.

To create the color wheel like this one follow these steps;

  • Start with an 11″x15″ paper
  • Draw a 5″ circle
  • Divide the circle into thirds starting with the very top
  • Place the lightest yellow value at the top (I used New Gamboge)
  • Place the blue on the right mark (I used Cobalt)
  • Place red on the left hand mark (I used Alizarin crimson)
  • Now add three marks between the original three
  • Now add your secondary hues using equal amounts of the primary colors
  • To complete color wheel add a mark between all colors on the wheel
  • Now add tertiary hues by mixing colors that represent each of the two that the mark is in-between
Note: I do not use a split primary system. If you prefer to use it you can google split primary color wheel for watercolor and find what you need. In this class I’m sharing techniques, methods and philosophy that I use every day in my art.

Materials Used In Demo

Need materials? Go HERE
Holbein Hues
Cobalt blue
Alizarin crimson hue
Gamboge nova
Escoda Pointed Round Set
Other Materials
Mijello leak-proof palette
Blick Spiral-bound Pad 9×12
how to create a simple color wheel with watercolor
how to create a simple color wheel with watercolor

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