Four Watercolor Applications Project – Beginner Skill Test

It's time to put your application skills to the test!

In this tutorial you will create four small sketches of a pine tree. Each one will use a different technique. This exercise will reinforce the common application methods and leave you with a good visual reference of how each technique is slightly different.

The methods used will be;

  1. Wet-in-dry
  2. Wet-in-wet
  3. Wet-in-wet&dry
  4. Dry brush

Materials used in demo

  • Holbein Hues; Cobalt blue, Neutral tint, Yellow ochre
  • Brushes; Escoda Pointed Round Set
  • Other
  • Mijello leak-proof palette
  • Blick Spiral-bound Pad 9×12
Four Watercolor Applications Project
Four Watercolor Applications Project

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