Four Color Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Watercolor Art

Avoid these common mistakes

Color is always a struggle for artists whether painting with watercolor or any other medium. To eliminate half the issues it’s imperative to know what common mistakes to avoid. In this lesson you will understand;
  1. Don’t get color from a rock.
  2. Why it’s important to fill your trays.
  3. Use a mister if you will be away for a few days.
  4. Three common color mixtures which include tea, milk and honey.
Don’t get paint from a rock – Often times you take an extended break from painting only to return to semi-dry paints. And sometimes they’re even hard as a rock. In an attempt to save money, or be resourceful and not waste, they use the dried up color. And this is essentially trying to get paint from a rock. Not good!
Why is it important to fill your trays? Because the paint will last longer and dry more slowly. So, if you do skip several days or longer the paints will have more of a chance to stay wet. Many beginners are too stingy and only squeeze out a little paint and this will only cause problems. Fill your trays and the paint will last longer.
Use a mister if you will be away for a few days – This is common sense but mist your paints if you are not sure when you will return to painting. And if the break extends longer than a few days spray them again!
Three common color mixtures which include tea, milk and honey – Each mixture has it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages. One can be used for specific type of wash while another may be more suited to add pops of color. But if you simplify your mixtures into three types it will help you better understand what type of mixture you need to create a desired look. We will have a closer look at this later on but just know the three types and how to achieve them.

Materials Used In Demo

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Holbein Hues
Cobalt blue
Da Vinci Squirrel Mop #5
Escoda Pointed Round Set
Mijello leak-proof palette
Blick Spiral-bound Pad 9×12

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