Complete Step-By-Step Flower Painting Tutorial Using Watercolors

Tips For Painting Loose & Expressive Florals With Watercolor

This lesson covers an overview of setup and materials. If you need info on materials it can be found below.

About Wet-In-Wet washes

Arguably the most difficult wash on the planet. It drives even the most experienced artists mad because it simply has a mind of its own. This flower demo covers many aspects of handling the wet conditions and finding the right time to work the wet paint.

Step-By-Step Breakdown

Step One: This lesson will cover how to get started with the initial wash using new gamboge & yellow ochre. Be sure to premix enough paint to cover the intended area.

Step Two: Now it’s time to start adding some base color for the flowers and foliage. Remember to keep the paint mixture thin like tea. Also be sure that the paper isn’t too saturated with water. If you start to add color and it’s spreading too much just stop and wait a few extra minutes.

Step Three: It’s time to build upon the base colors with slightly thicker paint. So, think a milk like consistency as you mix the hues. Once you apply them be patient and allow it to dry some before moving forward.

Step Four: Time for the thicker and darker hues as the finishing touches are added to bring the painting to a finished state.

My Materials

I get asked all the time about my watercolor supplies. So, here’s a list of everything I use as well as purchase links. I prefer to shop online with Blick art supplies. I’ve used them since 2000 and have had no issues with their service.

Purchase all my favorite supplies here with one click.

Paper & Sketchbooks

  • Blick Premier Sheet – (affordable alternative to Saunders)
  • Blick Watercolor Paper – (inexpensive and good for watercolor studies only)
  • Blick Spiral-bound Pad 9×12 inches

Holbein Paint

Ultramarine blue light, Cobalt blue, Cerulean blue, Cadmium red deep, Alizarin crimson, Viridian green, Gamboge nova, Yellow ochre, Burnt Sienna, Neutral tint, Juane brilliant #1, Lavender, White gouache


  • Princeton mop
  • Princeton daggers
  • Silver wash & mottlers
  • Hake brush 1 1/2″ (large)
  • Hake brush 5/8″ (small)
  • Hake Brush 3” (extra large)


  • Palette; Pike palette (large and suggested for home studio)
    Mijello leak-proof (great for traveling)
  • Water Reservoir
  • Plastic collapsible water pot
  • Gator-board 16×23 inches (tape watercolor paper to for firm backing)
  • Spray bottle/mister (purchase at target, Michael’s)
  • Masking tape (Home Depot)
  • Large Sponge (Home Depot)
contour flower drawing
contour flower drawing
complete step by step flower painting tutorial using watercolors
complete step by step flower painting tutorial using watercolors

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