Random FAQ

One of the easiest ways to stretch watercolor paper is to use a pre-stretched watercolor block. A watercolor block is a stack of watercolor paper that has been glued together on all four sides and stretched before it is sold. This means that the paper is ready to use and does not require any additional stretching.

Another easy way is to use a stretching board or a stretching pliers. These tools are specifically designed for stretching watercolor paper and make the process much easier and less time-consuming. They are particularly useful for larger papers and also helps to stretch the paper evenly.

Lastly, you can use watercolor paper that is 300 gsm or heavier, as they are less likely to warp or stretch when wet. This means you can paint on the paper directly without the need for stretching.

It’s important to note that, no matter which method you choose, it’s important to use high-quality watercolor paper to ensure that the paper does not warp or tear during the stretching process.