Advanced Watercolor Landscape Tutorial – Seascape Scene With Boats

What you will learn in this watercolor video demonstration

In this demo I will paint docks in Maine with watercolor. We will look closely at many of the basic techniques like;
  • wet-in-wet washes
  • wet-in-dry washes
  • advanced layering
  • dry brush, and more…
I will also share thoughts on understanding;
  • light and shadow
  • values
  • hard and soft edges
  • and reflections

If you have painted with watercolor long enough you know it’s a challenging medium. To have all your ideas come together in the end is a lot to ask. And it rarely happens.

So, you take what’s in front of you and work with it to the best of your abilities. At times it seems watercolor has a mind of its own. It’s pointless to control it but you can gain traction with experience.

If you enjoy painting landscapes with water scenery then I hope this tutorial helps you out.

Advanced watercolor landscape tutorial
Advanced watercolor landscape tutorial

2 thoughts on “Advanced Watercolor Landscape Tutorial – Seascape Scene With Boats”

  1. Hi Robert, I like your spontaneous, free and almost expressive way of painting. I am still at the beginning, but your instructions really help me. Thanks for that.
    Greetings from Germany,

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